CSA Newsletter




Started in 1988 by the Center for the Study of Architecture (CSA), Bryn Mawr College, and directed by Harrison Eiteljorg, II, the CSA Newsletter includes short articles about projects, specific technologies, and technology trends in the practice of archaeology and architectural history. The CSA Newsletter ceased publication after the production of volume 27, in April of 2014.

Since its inception, articles were intended to assist scholars in their attempts to use computers to generate and disseminate digital information. Reviews of web sites, CDs, and presentations in museums were also published, in order to keep readers updated on the latest projects. From 1996 onwards all issues were published online and in 2006 scanned images of the preceding issues were incorporated.

The CSA webpage still keeps electronic versions of the CSA Newsletter available. A subject index allows readers to search articles on the basis of specific topics, which give an interesting clue of the Newsletter main interests: digital archiving, CAD modelling, GIS applications, electronic publishing and the use of electronic media for data dissemination, databases. Special emphasis is given to articles illustrating specific projects, as in the case of the CSA Propylaea Project and the Pompeii Forum Project.