Bibliography of Archaeological Computing: the 1990s


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- Geographical Information Systems for Archaeologists
- Computers in Museums 1994-95: The Essential Guide for Museum Professionals
- Pompeii Exhibit in New York
- Epigraphie et informatique. Actes du Colloque "Epigraphie et informatique" (Lausanne, 1989)
=B2678 Les CD-ROM
AA.VV. Archäologie und Computer: Workshop 3: der digitale Plan: Wien 1998
AA.VV. Archäologie und Computer : Workshop 5, 2000. CD-ROM.
AA.VV. Traitements informatiques et iconographie
AA.VV. Rediscovering Pompeii. Exhibition by IBM Italia
ABERG F.A., LEECH R.H. The National Archaeological Record for England. Past, present and future
ABSIL M. Le programme Petrae et les diplômes militaires romains
ACQUARO E., FRANCISI M.T., MANFREDI L.I., VERGA F. Project de conservation et de mise en valeur du site de Tharros (Sardaigne)
ADAMO G. Analisi informatica di testi: problemi e prospettive
ADAMO G. Bibliografia di Informatica umanistica
ADAMO G. Edizione e analisi informatica di testi: standard internazionali per la codifica dei dati testuali