Bibliography of Archaeological Computing: the 1990s


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ALDENDERFER M. Introduction
ALDENDERFER M. Data, Digital Ephemera, and Dead Media: Digital Publishing and Archaeological Practice
ALDENDERFER M. Quantitative methods in archaeology: A review of recent trends and developments
ALDENDERFER M., MASCHNER H.D.G. (eds.) Anthropology, Space and Geographic Information Systems
ALFÖLDY G. et al. Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg - Eichstätt - Berlin
ALI HAKEM A. M. Mathematical data for the study of Meroitic funerary architecture
ALLAL M.A. et al. Restauration d'un site historique en pisé. Cas de la ville de Honaine (Algerie)
ALLEN K.M.S. Iroquoian landscapes: People, environments, and the GIS context
ALLEN K.M.S. Modelling Early Historic Trade in the Eastern Great Lakes Using Geographic Information Systems
ALLEN K.M.S. Manipulating Space: A Commentary on GIS Applications
ALLEN K.M.S., GREEN S.W., ZUBROW E.B.W. Interpreting Space
ALLEN K.M.S., GREEN S.W., ZUBROW E.B.W. (eds.) Interpreting Space: GIS and Archaeology
ALLEN P.M. Models of creativity: Towards a new science of history
ALLISON P. Issues of data exchange and accessibility: Pompeii
ALLUM G.T., AYKROYD R.G., HAIGH J.G.B. Restoration of magnetometry data using inverse-data methods